Express Yo-self, HEY HEY HEY HEY!

Happy Friday everyone!  Apparently the Harvest Moon (is that supposed to be capitalized?!) is in full effect. I woke up this morning to Sugar Pie having a fever and my sassy Pomeranian drinking absurd amounts of water which led me to think he was having renal failure and would be dead within hours.  Then he vomited blue. Then I saw a bag of homemade salt dough sitting on the kitchen table that he had ripped into and eaten, which explained the copious fluid intake.

photo Seriously, this dog has consumed so much shit (literally and figuratively because he does eat his own turds on a regular basis) that I don’t know how he isn’t dead.  These toxic items include but are not limited to, 1 pack of mint gum, 1 pack of cigarettes, salt dough, ant bait, dark chocolate and so on and so forth.

But yes, I’m blaming that damn moon on my inability to sleep, my neurotic dog going into fake renal failure and my daughter having a fever.

Moving on.

The weather was amazing here this morning, in the 60’s and overcast. So so dreamy! Naturally, I broke out the recipe for some really awesome sidewalk paint to get creative with Sugar Pie & to try to forget that she’s on the verge of an inevitable bug.  I found this great recipe on Pinterest somewhere but never actually pinned it. It works beautifully, is bright, and washes off with a hose!  The first time that we used the paint, it was on our back patio.  When we first painted, it appeared very thin and translucent but within 2 minutes it began drying and became bright and opaque!

cropped-paintingpicture.jpgSugar Pie did decide to dump the paints and use her hands and feet to smear the paint all over, rather than to paint but hey, she’s two! Today I was hunting for something different from just a cup to mix the paints, in hopes of encouraging her to paint with the brush and not dump the paints everywhere.  And there they were staring at me from high in my cabinet, some good old snack cups!  Brilliant! Perfect size for mixing paints, they have the slotted openings so that a brush would easily fit inside, enough of a lid to discourage her from dumping the paint AND a handle so that she could hold her paint in one hand and her brush in another!

photo 2(1)

We also added some glitter into the paint this time, which was really fun and showed up nicely once the paint dried!

photo 3

The only bummer about the paint is that it was pretty difficult to actually paint on a sidewalk due to the rough texture!  Driveways, patios, bricks and anything else that you dare let your toddler enhance, would all be very great options to use this paint on. (though you may want to do a little test spot to make sure it won’t stain if you’re worried about that)

photo 1

And now (FINALLY) the recipe:

Sidewalk Paint:

2TBS cornstarch

3TBS water

2TBS washable paint (we used Crayola kids paints)

Mix them all up and you have enough for one color!  I didn’t measure the glitter, I just poured a bunch into each cup because truth be told, you can never have too much glitter!!!!