Here We Go Again

I’m baaaaack!  I’m way excited to start blogging again & documenting/ sharing / commiserating with you all.  It’s been far too long.  Writing this post feels like the beginning of a story or a new friendship and I’ll be honest,  beginnings are quite awkward for me.

Once upon a time a few years back, I started a blog dedicated to my journey through infertility.  It was quite amazing how blogging about such a painful, all-consuming part of my life helped me wade through the shit hole that it was is.  (oh and yes, I do use profanity in my writing because there are very few moments I can scream a good, “what the fuck?!” in real life and you ALL know that feels good to scream now and again!) SO, three or so years later I landed pregnant after our “third and final” IUI and after multiple surgeries, procedures and miscarriages.  Which meant suddenly I was on the other side and it left me with no idea how to post about my new mama woes on a blog dedicated to infertility.  So I didn’t.  For two years, I did not write.  BECAUSE really, nobody going through that shit hole cares about how you no longer sleep. ever.

Two years later and my sweet Sugar Pie sleeps, and so do I. Which, has opened a whole new door.  I now can muster the energy to bake, cook, craft, sew and do some of the things that I find lots of joy in!  Before Sugar Pie came along I was an elementary art teacher & it’s just in my blood to make things (except for apparently babies, I’m not really good at making those).

So here we are, starting this blogging relationship all over again & I’m pumped!  This go round I’m not putting myself in a box though.  YES, I am still quite infertile & will be taking you down the inevitable shit hole #2 with me BUT that is not all oh no, that is not all.  Quite certainly at some point I’ll ramble & share all about

art, photography, gentle parenting, being a DIY idea stealer borrower, infertility, coffee, coffee, coffee, sewing, cooking, baking, Sugar Pie, being a wannabe vegetarian, craftiness, running, being a SAHM, toddler crafts,

AND whatever other random thoughts may flow from my fingers onto this lovely screen.

A big welcome to everyone and thanks for stopping by my new humble abode on this here interwebs!


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